Third Year Residents

Victoria Cummings, M.D.,
University of Colorado
I was born in rural Vermont but left as a young child as my family traveled the East coast. Feeling lucky to have experienced city life I was relieved to return to my small town beginnings to finish high school. I continued my education in the Foothills of the Adirondacks at Clarkson University in New York where I majored in Biology and Psychology. Tired of the dreary cold and looking for sunshine, my husband and I packed our pickup, road-tripped across the US landing in the Front Range of Colorado. The Rocky Mountains were the perfect playground for us offering skiing, hiking, biking, ice and rock climbing. After we established our family in Colorado I attended med-school at the University of Colorado. Passionate about small town primary care I joined the Rural Track. My interests also include palliative care, obstetrics and international health -cultivated during an aid trip to Nicaragua. I am excited and honored to be training to practice full spectrum family medicine at an institution on the frontier of health care reform. I look forward to embracing this new adventure with the support of my husband Dave, my son Ben and our two trusty chocolate labs. Victoria's email address is

Maura Davenport, M.D.,
Michigan State University, Mount Holyoke College
in Massachusetts.
After graduation I packed up my truck and moved West. In the 5 years between undergrad and Medical school I worked as a guide, an EMT and a wildlife biologist among other things. I met my husband working in Yellowstone National Park, and we’ve been jumping from adventure to adventure ever since. In 2007 I started medical school at Michigan State University, and was fortunate to be able to do my clinical rotations in my hometown of Marquette MI. I love all things outdoors, but my all time favorites include trail running with my dogs, backpacking trips, skiing of any kind and summer barbeques. Maura's email address is

Jessica Ford, M.D.,
University of Washington

I grew up in a town of 300 in the Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains, just outside Yosemite. I think walking came before skiing, but not by much! If I wasn’t on snow, every spare moment was spent hiking, running, or otherwise exploring those mountains. Undergrad was at the University of Nevada, Reno where I studied nutrition and had the opportunity to compete in cross-country skiing and long distance running, which meant some quality time at Lake Tahoe (it was rough!). My direction was still a bit fuzzy when I finished but my nutrition courses sparked a passion for preventive healthcare and prompted me to pursue a Masters in Public Health at Dartmouth College. The fall colors were spectacular but the mountains were way too short so I headed back west and ended up at the University of Washington for medical school. I took every opportunity to experience rural primary care and haven’t looked back. I’m thrilled to be joining the Grand Junction program for the incredible people, the high-quality rural training, and of course the awesome beauty of Western Colorado. Jessica's email address is

Kyle Leonard, M.D.,
Albany Medical College
I grew up in the town of Averill Park. When people hear I’m from NY I get questions like “How do the skyscrapers look at sunset?” or “Are there alligators in the sewers?” Most are shocked to learn that my home town has a population of 1500, the only skyscrapers are silos, and there weren’t even sewers let alone predatory reptiles. I hiked the Adirondacks, kayaking, biking, & fishing. I also developed a passion for medicine that grew stronger as I advanced in my education. My BS was in biology at SUNY College at Brockport. I also had the privilege of performing at a theatre festival in Hungary. I attended Albany Medical College where I graduated with a distinction in bioethics. In med school, I worked part time for an ambulance (where I got shot at), went on two medical missions to the Philippines, led a trip to Haiti, and lobbied for health care reform in D.C. I found myself aching for the chance to practice comprehensive medicine in rural America but felt this type of physician was extinct. Then I worked at a reservation in the Rocky Mountains and saw that full spectrum medicine was very much alive. I knew I had to go West. I am ecstatic to be joining the team at St. Mary’s and to have the opportunity to learn the nuances of practicing rural care while exploring the outdoors of Colorado’s beautiful Western Slope. Kyle's email address is

Gina Martin, M.D.,
Oregon Health & Science University
I was raised in Cottage Grove, a small logging town near Eugene, OR. I attended the same high school that my grandmother did! Since a young age I've loved nurturing and "doctoring" others. I saw the same Dr. from birth and he inspired me to turn this into a career. I attended Oregon State University for my degree in Biology, Chemistry and Spanish. While at OSU I developed a passion for community service, especially helping those less fortunate or disadvantaged that continues today. I look forward to a small town to bring all of my passions together to improve my community. I have the travel bug for Spanish speaking countries so international work will be in my future - especially with a sunny beach (Maui), anything that is a respite from the persistent Oregon rain. I am married to a wonderful man who really knows how to grow a gnarly, envy producing beard! Jeff and I have a German Shepherd/Greyhound rescue dog, who loves to play ball until my arm hurts. We're very excited to be in Grand Junction, not just because of the great training, but because of the wonderful outdoor activities, the crazy disc golf course and the fact that we finally get to grow a garden!!! Gina's email address is

Adam Owens, M.D.,
Albany Medical College
I grew up in northern Idaho, where I spent all of my life until going to college at BYU. There I studied public health and later worked for the Utah Department of Health in Environmental Health. I quickly grew tired of a desk job and decided to get more hands-on experiences in my work, so I went to medical school at Albany Medical College in Albany, NY. During school, I spent a year in the tiny village of Cooperstown, NY. This validated my aspirations to practice family medicine in a small town. My wife and I had two children during medical school: Isaac, 6 and Asher, 3. We are happy to be back out west and resume our passions: skiing, biking and climbing, but this time with our children. Adam's email address is

Lauren Sontag, M.D.,
Mayo Medical School
I was raised camping, running and skiing in the mountain town of Flagstaff, AZ. During college at University of Arizona, I spent a lot of time in Tanzania, Peru and Bolivia working on projects related to HIV/AIDS. After college, I was a grassroots organizer for a Philadelphia-based global AIDS activism organization and learned Portuguese in Brazil. Medical school at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN taught me the value of patient-centered care, and I explored my passions of geriatrics and gerontology through a MPH at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities. As for how we ended up in Grand Junction...when we met, my husband was a ski instructor in nearby Telluride. When I hit the San Juan Mountains on my interview trip, it just felt like home already. Combined with the residency program's strong academics and Grand Junction's oft-lauded health system, it was an easy choice! As a couple, we love to bike, to alpine and telemark ski (Nick is still a professional ski instructor), and to try to wear out our sweet black lab, Jake. Lauren's email address is

Joshua Salter, M.D.,
Indiana University
I was born in Bloomington, IN and went to college in St. Louis, MO at Washington University. After that, I went to graduate school in San Diego, CA & got a job in pharmaceutical manufacturing in Indianapolis, where I later attended medical school. During medical school, I had the opportunity to do away rotations in northern Indiana, where I worked with the Amish, and on the Navajo & Blackfeet reservations in Arizona and Montana. I enjoyed working (and playing) in the mountain west and am happy to be here in Grand Junction. In the future, I would like to continue working with people from different cultural backgrounds and look forward to practicing in a rural setting. Josh's email address is