Third Year Residents

Jessica Cornett Allen, MD
Vanderbilt University
I grew up in FL & studied at the U of Miami. I was a biologist on fishing boats in the Bering Sea, hiked the Pacific Crest Trail, worked as a sleep tech, & volunteered in Peru. I discovered I loved living in rural communities & enrolled at Vanderbilt to become the most medically resourceful person - ready for the vast array of problems a rural community will need treated. Other interests include care for marginalized populations, behavioral, integrative, preventive health, & wilderness medicine. My husband, Max, makes sure we stay balanced in the natural playground that surrounds us hiking, biking, rock-climbing, & camping. I also enjoy baking, running, yoga, & backcountry sledding. Jessica's email address is

Heather Harms, MD
University of Nebraska
I am a Hawkeye by birth & have adopted Cornhusker lifestyle I grew up in, & continue to be a fan of both teams. I attended the U of Nebraska for my bachelor's in Spanish and for med school. I love traveling & have seen Africa, Asia, & Central America. I now have a 2nd home in Guatemala, where my missionary parents live & where my desire to be a doctor originated. I met my husband Nathan in med school, and we hope to continue traveling & practicing both rurally & internationally in the future! We are so excited to move to Colorado & enjoy all that the state has to offer, as we love skiing, hiking, & the outdoors. It will definitely be an adventure! Heather's email address is

Nathan Harms, MD
University of Nebraska
I was born & raised in a town 20 mi south of Wichita. I decided to pursue medicine in high school. My Bachelor's in Biology at K State carried on the family tradition of bleeding purple! While there, I went to Africa twice - feeding an interest in international medicine. Med school was the U of Nebraska where I met my wife, Heather & realized I wanted to do just about everything! Being a small town Family Physician was the perfect job! We both are looking forward to practicing in a small town in the US & overseas. I love to do outdoor activities, soccer, ultimate frisbee, fishing, downhill skiing, & the occasional swing dance. All of which I plan to do in Grand Junction! Nathan's email address is

Josh Hulst, MD
University of Iowa
I was raised in Orange City, Iowa on the great plains but always felt at home in the mountains & escaped to the Rockies’ wilderness as often as possible. I played rugby at Bethel U in St. Paul MN, was a firefighter & attempted to bike the entire Continental Divide as the mountains still seemed to call. Med school brought me back to Iowa. My electives were in rural Iowa, the Navajo Nation, & the Himalayas. I have developed interests in global & wilderness medicine. Broad-spectrum family medicine is uniquely able to meet the needs of marginalized populations here & abroad. I am very excited to finally be making the move to beautiful Colorado & train at a place that will equip me with the tools to provide quality care in any setting. Josh's email address is

Ryan Jackman, MD
Medical College of Wisconsin
I’m from a suburb of SLC, where my neighbors were cows, horses, sheep, & an alfalfa field. I have always been in love with small towns. Sports & the idea of being a doctor took me to Utah State for undergrad in Liberal Arts & Social Sciences. I found another life interest – my wife Melanie. Together we decided to try out the Midwest & moved to “Wiscansin” to MCOW. We became Cheeseheads, ate our share of brats, fried foods, & had our first child – an energetic little girl: Sadie. I love the breadth of family medicine & it took very little time in GJ to know it was where I wanted to continue my training. The program, the people, the sunny surroundings & the city are the perfect fit for a new doc with small town/rural aspirations who enjoys being outdoors. Ryan's email address is

Braeden Johnson, MD
University of Kansas
I grew up on the high plains of Western Kansas & spent much of my youth playing basketball & swimming. My hometown of Leoti was a revolving door of docs, which along with my internist aunt, ultimately inspired me to pursue medicine. Undergrad was Bethel College in Newton - Biology. My love of Jayhawks led to med school at University of Kansas, where I met my beautiful wife Dana & developed an enthusiasm for rural medicine pushing the rural-focused campus in Salina. In my free time, I enjoy golf, basketball, hiking & spending time with Dana. You're sure to bring me a smile by saying "Rock Chalk Jayhawk!" Braeden's email address is

Shiela Klemmetsen, MD
University of Minnesota
I grew up in a town of 93 where I played tennis, basketball & ran track. I attended the University of St. Thomas in St Paul, majoring in Biology & Chemistry. I fell in love with medicine working as a PCA for a little guy with cerebral palsy throughout college. After living with family in LA, I applied to med school, met my husband Joe, & moved back to fresh air for med school @ U MN. Now I am enjoying the mountain air of Colorado hiking, running, mountain biking, hunting, fishing & hanging out with family & friends. I am elated to be joining a wonderful group of residents & staff in GJ and get back to my rural beginnings. We can’t wait to explore every opportunity as we live out our dream in Colorado. Shiela's email address is

Katie Strack, MD
University of Illinois
I was raised in the heart of So Ill, with corn fields in my front yard & forest in my back leading to countless adventures with my brother. I played sports every season & threw javelin at ISU, where I majored in psychology & biology. I spent 5 yrs on the crisis hotline & 2 yrs helping adults with developmental disabilities. Those experiences & my family doc mom lead me to rural med. I went through the RMED program at U of Illinois & was pointed to Grand Junction by several faculty. Before the end of my interview day I knew in my heart that GJ was a perfect fit because of the amazing people & incredible learning environment. My interests include spending time with my boyfriend & “kids” (brother & sister beagle/basset mixes), working out & baking. Katie's email address is