Admit Your Patient to the Hospital

The first call you make to admit a patient to St. Mary's Hospital: 970-298-1920

First Call, available 24/7, provides physicians with a consistent, efficient process for admitting patients to St. Mary’s Hospital. One phone call and a standard process also ensures continuity of care for the patient.  

To ensure seamless patient admission, please have the following information ready for the First Call coordinator:

  • Patient name 
  • Patient date of birth 
  • Patient Social Security number if available
  • Diagnosis 
  • Admitting physician name and phone number 
  • Referring physician if different 
  • Unit requested

The new direct admit process is simple:

  1. Call 970-298-1920
  2.  After gathering the necessary information, the First Call coordinator will:
    1. Contact the house supervisor for a bed assignment.
    2. Provide the above patient data to Admissions so a hospital account record (HAR) can be created.
    3. Call the admitting physician back with the patient’s unit assignment.
  3. Provider must submit electronic admission orders in Epic to assure prompt patient treatment.

Direct Admit form
All direct admit patients should report to St. Mary’s Entrance 2, the Emergency Department entrance. Understanding this is a stressful time for your patient and their family members, we have provided your office with a direct admit form to give to your patients. The form has complete directions on where to park, enter, and report when they get to St. Mary’s. Once inside Entrance 2, your patient will be welcomed, registered, and taken to the assigned unit.

If you have any questions about St. Mary’s First Call and the direct admit process, please contact Kathy Shoemaker at 970-298-9036 or Carol Calacino at 970-298-1941.