Transfer Your Patient to the Hospital

For the fastest and most efficient way to arrange for patient transfers, call 1-855-254-1078.

First Call, available 24/7, is the most effective way to arrange for a patient transfer to St. Mary’s Hospital & Regional Medical Center. A well-coordinated process that includes meaningful physician-to-physician communication ensures patient transfers are handled appropriately and efficiently.

To ensure a seamless patient transfer, please have the following information ready for the First Call coordinator:

  • Caller’s name 
  • Referring physician and hospital 
  • Primary Care Physician (if known)
  • Contact number 
  • Service being requested 
  • Patient name 
  • Basic patient condition

The process is simple:

  1. Call 1-855-254-1078.
  2. St. Mary’s First Call coordinator will gather basic transfer information.
  3. The coordinator will contact the specialist on call or Emergency Room physician for the requested service.
  4. The coordinator will facilitate a recorded conference call between the referring physician and St. Mary’s on call physician to discuss the patient’s condition. The coordinator will remain on the line as a third party.
  5. Once the patient is accepted for transfer, the coordinator will:
    1. Assist in making transportation arrangements if requested
    2. Coordinate the appropriate nursing unit and bed arrangements.
    3. Facilitate the transmission of necessary paperwork (First Call Fax: 1-888-764-8218)
    4. Review the documents that need to come with the patient (see First Call Transfer Envelope checklist)
    5. Connect nurses for patient report 
    6. When the patient reaches St. Mary’s, the coordinator will call the referring facility to confirm the patient’s arrival.

In the rare event St. Mary’s cannot accept your patient, the First Call coordinator will assist in finding you the appropriate resources.

As a regional medical center serving the needs of western Colorado and eastern Utah, St. Mary’s provides all advanced medical services, including comprehensive cancer care, cardiac and vascular services, neurology and neurosurgical services, orthopedic and spine care, pediatric care, surgical services, Level II trauma care, critical care, and neonatal intensive care.

This year a stroke-trained neurologist joined the staff, and St. Mary’s received Joint Commission Primary Stoke Center certification. An orthopedic traumatologist was recruited to enhance our ability to care for complex orthopedic injuries. And St. Mary’s expanded its minimally invasive surgery capabilities with the latest robotic da Vinci® Surgical System.