RN Mentorship Administrative Information

Step 1– Ensure contract is in place and current

Ensure that a contract is in place between your hospital and St. Mary’s Hospital.  The student nurse liaison will help you with the contract process. If the contract is already in place, verify that your hospital’s current Certificate of Insurance, in accordance with the RN Mentorship contract, is on file with St. Mary's and that it covers the timeframe of the RN Mentorship experience.

  • Check with your hospital’s administration or contact St. Mary's administration office at 970-298-1950 to check the status of your hospital’s insurance coverage.
  • Certificate of Insurance can be faxed to 970-298-7510.

Step 2 – Appoint representative

Appoint a hospital representative to manage the electronic registration process for St. Mary’s Hospital.  Communicate this person’s contact information to the student nurse liaison at St. Mary’s Hospital. 

Step 3 – Complete registration

Communicate deadlines for completion of registration and orientation to RN Mentorship Students.  Be sure the representative managing this process follows up with students who have not completed the registration and orientation process so all items are completed no later than two weeks prior to the first clinical day. 

Step 4 – Pick up ID badge

After completing all of the required electronic registration and orientation documentation, students should allow two weeks processing time before picking up their St. Mary’s Hospital id badge.

The St. Mary’s Hospital ID badge is a pre-requisite for participating in clinicals at St. Mary’s Hospital. Students may pick up their St. Mary’s Hospital ID badge at our Human Resources Department (Map Link) after their St. Mary’s Hospital background check has cleared.

Students should pick up their St. Mary’s Hospital ID badge prior to their first clinical day.  ID badges can be obtained through the Human Resources office on St. Mary's East Campus (Madden Hall 2320 B North 7th Street, Entrance 34), Monday-Friday, 7:30 am-4:00 pm.