Student Nurse Information

Pre-licensure student placements

Placement requests for students in pre-licensure programs must be made by nursing school faculty, advisors, or other school personnel. We do NOT accept placement requests directly from students in pre-licensure programs.

To prepare for your clinical placement at St. Mary's, you must complete an online registration and orientation program.  This will be assigned to you through an appointee by your school of nursing.  Your school of nursing may also arrange for an in hospital orientation.  It is important that you complete the online registration and orientation as soon as possible and no later than two weeks prior to your first clinical day.  Missing, late, or inaccurately completed registration and orientation materials may jeopardize your clinical rotation.

Post-licensure student placements

Some nursing schools require students in post-licensure and advanced practice programs to arrange their own clinical placements. These students should contact the student placement coordinator in St. Mary's Nursing Support Services to begin the placement process.