Faculty Checklist

To ensure everything is in place for your students' clinical placement at St. Mary's, please follow this checklist, observing deadlines for submission of completed paperwork. Please also review the Student Checklist and communicate deadlines to your students early.

Missing or late application and registration materials may jeopardize a student's clinical rotation.

EIGHT WEEKS before the first day of clinical rotation

  • Verify that your school's current Certificate of Insurance is on file with St. Mary's and that it covers the entire upcoming clinical rotation.
    • Check with your department head or dean, or contact St. Mary's administration office at 970-298-1950 to check the status of your school's insurance coverage.
    • Certificate of Insurance can be faxed to 970-298-7510.
  • Communicate all deadlines for completion and submission of Nursing Student forms and documents with students.

 SIX WEEKS before the first day of clinical rotation

  • Collect a complete set of required forms from each student and review them to be sure they are filled out completely and accurately and ready to submit.
    • See the Nursing Student Forms/Documents Page for a complete list and links to the forms

 FOUR WEEKS before the first day of clinical rotation

  • Print the applicable clinical instructor Faculty forms/documents from this website, complete them in ink, and submit them to St. Mary's student placement coordinator in Nursing Support Services by mail or fax.
  • Read all agreements, hospital policies, and online orientation modules.
  • As one package, submit required forms from all students to the student placement coordinator by mail or fax. Please review students' forms for completion and accuracy before submitting. Incomplete and/or inaccurate forms may jeopardize clinical placement.
  • Contact St. Mary's student placement coordinator to arrange for your students' onsite orientation and tour of St. Mary's.
  • Complete and submit the following to the student placement coordinator via e-mail:

TWO WEEKS before the first day of clinical rotation

  • Complete and submit clinical schedules to the student placement coordinator via e-mail. Use any format you find convenient as long as it indicates all students' schedules while at St. Mary's. An initial draft is acceptable.
  • Arrange for ID badges
    • You may arrange for you and your students to obtain ID badges as a group by contacting the student placement coordinator;
    • Clinical instructors and students may come in individually to have their photo taken and ID badge issued at St. Mary's Human Resources office on St. Mary's East Campus. (Madden Hall 2320 B North 7th Street, Entrance 34), Monday-Friday, 7:30 am-4:00 pm.
    • A $25 cash or check deposit is required for each badge.