Before Your Surgery

Being prepared can take some of the stress out of having surgery. Using St. Mary's Pre-admission Testing program, PAT for short, we take care of all preparations for your surgery in one visit.

After your doctor has scheduled your surgery at St. Mary's, call 970-298-2084 to make an appointment with PAT. Make your appointment for a time and day convenient for you prior to the day of your scheduled surgery. Your doctor will send all the necessary information about your surgery to us, so the PAT nurse can prepare for your appointment.

During your visit to PAT, you will:

  • Receive an individual assessment by a PAT nurse,
  • Have all necessary lab tests, x-rays, and tests completed,
  • Receive instructions for before and after your surgery,
  • Complete your admissions paperwork, including insurance coverage and payment information, and
  • Ask any questions you have about your surgery, hospitalization, and recovery.

PAT will forward the results of all your tests to your doctor and make sure everything is arranged for your surgery.