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It's a clean slate with 298

December 02, 2009
As St. Mary's has grown, so has the number of phones, fax machines, phone numbers, and prefixes for those numbers. "It had gotten a bit confusing because some of our numbers started with 244, some with 255, some 248," says Bill Perrin, manager of telecommunications for the hospital. "In fact, we had five prefixes." To simplify matters for callers and give the hospital room to grow when more numbers are needed, St. Mary's is making a clean slate of it by switching all phone and fax number prefixes to 298. Don't worry if you forget and dial an old prefix. "Both old and new prefixes will work for a while," he says, "but now's a good time to do some reprogramming if you have St. Mary's numbers on your phone or fax machine's speed dial." The last four digits of St. Mary's numbers will stay the same. Only the first three are changing to 298.