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St. Mary’s cleans closets for employee Friendship Fund

September 24, 2010
Saturday, September 25, 8:00 am–5:00 pm
606 East Foresight Circle
Cash, check, or credit cards will be accepted.

When we clean house we often find things to donate to local charities. Over years of expansion and remodeling, the hospital has put furniture and assorted odds and ends in storage. Recently those items were gathered in one place and employees had one last chance to “shop” for items that could be used in their work areas.

“Everything that wasn’t re-distributed in the hospital will be sold at a public garage sale,” says John Nickodemus, facilities manager. St. Mary’s routinely donates surplus medical supplies, recycles building materials, and sends furniture and fixtures to Habitat for Humanity. “This time the amount of inventory was too large for Habitat to accommodate, so we decided to have a garage sale, open to the public,” Nickodemus explains.

All items will be sold as is and must be removed at the time of purchase. Items will not be held and all sales are final. Proceeds from the sale will go to St. Mary’s Friendship Fund, an assistance program for employees facing financial challenges.

St. Mary’s Friendship Fund: employees helping employees
The Friendship Fund is a financial resource for employees who find themselves with an unexpected hardship. The fund is voluntarily supported by employees for the sole purpose of assisting fellow employees. Proceeds from St. Mary’s Garage Sale will be donated to the Friendship Fund.