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Surgery for neck and back pain

November 30, 2010
Free Community Education Presentation:
Surgical Case Studies in Neck and Back Pain

Thursday, December 9
5:30–7:00 pm
Saccomanno Education Center
Fifth Floor, St. Mary’s Hospital
2635 N. 7th Street, Grand Junction,CO
Please use the parking garage.

Presented by: John Lopez, MD, neurosurgeon For more information call 298-3188

Neck and back pain are among the most common reasons for adults to visit their doctor, and they are major causes of disability and lost work days. Surgery is usually the treatment of last resort, but it may be the answer for patients who are not helped by conservative therapies, such as medication and physical therapy, says neurosurgeon John Lopez, MD.

Neck and back pain may be caused by an injury, disease such as osteoporosis or arthritis, or simple wear and tear. Spinal surgery is most often performed to relieve pressure on nerves or the spinal cord, to eliminate motion between two vertebrae, or to preserve or increase movement.

“Every patient’s situation is different, but surgical procedures have been developed that can help a wide variety of neck and back problems,” Lopez says. “Some of the newest and most exciting are minimally invasive surgical techniques.” In minimally invasive spine surgery, special surgical instruments are used to see inside the body and surgery is performed through much smaller incisions than traditional “open” surgery. This can mean less injury to muscle tissue, less blood loss, less pain, and faster rehabilitation and recovery.