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Blood donation can be good for donor as well as recipient

January 04, 2011
'Tis the season of resolving to do and be better. Donating blood can help fulfill two resolutions that rank high on many of our lists: to live healthier and do more for others. In addition to contributing to the blood supply serving patients of St. Mary's and most western Colorado hospitals, donors get a general mini physical each time they give, explains Jill Breman, blood donor recruiter at St. Mary's Regional Blood Center. "We check blood pressure, pulse, iron level, and temperature." Donors can also find out their blood type which most people don't know, she adds. "These few simple screening tests provide so much information about your body. We've encouraged numerous donors to see their doctors because of something these tests detected. Most often they're risks that if ignored could lead to health problems." "Most people could donate blood, but only a small percentage of those eligible actually do," Breman says. "Donated blood literally saves the lives of our family, friends, and neighbors." Who can donate blood? You may be able to donate blood if you: -are 18 or older (16 with parents¹ permission), -are in general good health, -weigh at least 112 pounds clothed, and -have not given blood in the past eight weeks. St. Mary's Regional Blood Center Advanced Medicine Pavilion, Second Floor, 750 Wellington Avenue, Grand Junction Donation hours: Monday­Friday: 7:00 am­5:30 pm Saturday: 8 am­noon No appointment needed. Or go online (www.stmarygj.org) to see where our bloodmobile will be.