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Coordinated approach is best for spinal pain

February 01, 2011

Spinal pain can cause extreme discomfort in the back, neck and extremities, and the treatments range from conservative to radical. Will exercise or physical therapy bring you relief? Do you need an MRI or CT scan? Is surgery the only solution? What about those spinal injections or spinal cord stimulation you’ve heard about?

“The best treatment for spinal pain is coordinated treatment,” says Brian Witwer, MD, neurosurgeon at St. Mary’s Center for Brain and Spine Surgery. Because people often suffer with spinal pain for many years, their care tends to be fragmented and ultimately fails to bring relief. Treatment can involve working with several professionals – your primary doctor, a pain specialist, a surgeon, therapists. “There are many treatment courses, and the way to find and receive the one that’s best for you is to educate yourself and work with a coordinated team that provides comprehensive care,” Witwer says.

“I want people to understand there are new therapies and effective simpler therapies,” Witwer says. “In general, people can be hopeful there is something that will ease their pain."

Free Community Education Presentation:
A Comprehensive Multi-disciplinary Approach to Acute and Chronic Spinal Pain
Wednesday, February 9
5:30–7:00 pm
Java City
St. Mary’s Advanced Medicine Pavilion
750 Wellington Avenue

Presented by: Brian Witwer, MD, Neurosurgeon
St. Mary’s Center for Brain and Spine Surgery

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