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Donate blood, get free ice cream

August 10, 2011

There always seem to be plenty of larger-than-life heroes in the movie theaters, but big-screen, caped crusaders aren’t the only superheroes around.

“How many of us can say we’ve actually saved a human life? Donors can,” says Jill Breman, donor recruiter at St. Mary’s Regional Blood Center. “Every blood donation can save up to three lives.”

Volunteer donors are the only source of blood for surgery, accident and cancer patients. It can’t be manufactured. There’s no artificial substitute. Although more than 90 percent of Americans will need blood during their lifetime and 60 percent are eligible to be donors, only five percent of Americans actually donate blood. Becoming a superhero is easier than you think. You don’t have to be bitten by a radioactive spider or arrive from another planet. Just come to St. Mary’s Regional Blood Center and become a donor. An hour later, you can strike that hands-on-hips, wind-in-your-hair pose. The costume is up to you.

But are blood donors really superheroes? “Just ask someone whose life was saved by a blood transfusion,” Breman says.

Give blood and become a Superhero!
Donate at the blood donor center during August and receive a pint of ice cream free! Even superheroes scream for ice cream.

Donation hours:
7:00 am–5:30 pm
Saturday: 7:00 am–Noon
No appointment needed.
Due to refrigeration requirements, ice cream only available to donors at St. Mary’s Regional Blood Center.

St. Mary’s Regional Blood Center
Advanced Medicine Pavilion
750 Wellington Ave., Entrance 22
Grand Junction • (970) 298-2555

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