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2012 Relay for Life: Superheroes against cancer

June 05, 2012

This year’s Relay for Life fundraising event has a superheroes theme, and what could be more appropriate? There are plenty of heroes in cancer care—patients, family members, and friends who face a scary disease; doctors, nurses, technologists, and pharmacists who treat their patients with skill and compassion; and researchers who continually make cancer treatments safer and more effective, says Diana Morneault, director of Oncology Services.

Every superhero has his or her “talents.” St. Mary’s Cancer Center has formed quite a talented team, too—medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, a gynecologic oncologist, hematologists, pathologists, nurses, pharmacists, and technologists. “St. Mary’s patients benefit from the expertise of all these specialists and the latest in technology, surgery, and medicine,” Morneault says.

Cancer care is more than medical treatments, so St. Mary’s Regional Cancer Center provides emotional, spiritual, and practical support during treatment and long after, including a cancer survivorship program in association with the LIVESTRONG™ Survivorship Center of Excellence Network of the Lance Armstrong Foundation.

Cancer Survivors’ Celebration Dinner
Saturday, June 9
5:00-7:00 pm
Central High School Gym
550 Warrior Way

Assume the pose: hands on hips, head held high, cape (optional) snapping in the wind, gazing intently into the future, because you are a survivor! And join us for dinner in your honor. Call 298-2351 for dinner reservation for survivor and caregiver.

American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life
June 15-16, 2012

June 15, 6:00 pm: Opening Ceremonies and Survivors’ Lap
Long Family Memorial Park
3117 F Road (near Central High School)

Go to www.relayforlife.org for details and to register.