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Electronic medical records: faster, safer, more efficient

August 01, 2012

St. Mary’s is changing the way we document patients’ care. Starting August 1, the hospital is converting to a secure electronic medical record (EMR) system. “This is a significant step for St. Mary’s and the West Slope,” says George Scott, MD, PhD, hospitalist and director of the hospital’s health information support team. “It keeps us at the forefront of patient safety and care team communication, making your hospital stay as safe and smooth as possible.”

A paper medical record can only be used by one person at a time, but an EMR chart is available to multiple caregivers in different locations simultaneously. This supports timely care decisions and delivery. Providers entering notes and orders directly into the system and barcodes on medications provide the safest and most efficient communication. “Everything relevant to your hospital stay is on the screen for your provider to see—medical history, medications, allergies, orders, treatment notes, test results,” Scott says.

An EMR is also more secure than a paper chart which must be physically transported with the patient through their hospital stay. Care team members must have user IDs and passwords to access the new system and electronically sign their entries.


Family Medicine Center is creating a new medical record

If you are a patient at St. Mary's Family Medicine Center, on your next visit please:

  • Bring your insurance card and photo ID to be scanned into the electronic medical record. 
  • Bring your medications or a list to be documented in the medical record. 
  • Registration may take a little longer than usual. We have moved your personal information from the old system to the new, but we will ask you to verify it. We want to be sure it’s correct!