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Doing something about your joint pain

November 30, 2012

Almost everyone has joint pain at one time or another. A stiff hip, a twinge in the elbow. Maybe we’re paying the price for too much tennis or hot-dogging on the slopes. Some times the source of pain seems a mystery. “No one likes to hear they’re just getting older,” says Connie Estridge, RN, clinical nurse manager of Orthopedic Services at St. Mary’s Hospital. “Unfortunately, age takes a toll on our joints, especially if we have a past injury or a lifetime of bad posture or strenuous activity behind us.”

When joint pain keeps us from doing the things we love, even from everyday activities, it’s time to learn more. “I think it’s very important for people to understand their options, so they can make the best decision for themselves,” says Estridge. That’s why St. Mary’s holds informational seminars for people whose pain is getting in the way and want to learn what they can do about it.

The answer may be exercises to strengthen supporting muscles, shedding a few pounds, medication, or even surgery. “Like so many things in life, with joint pain, knowledge is power,” Estridge says.

Coming in 2013: St. Mary’s Joint Pain Seminars presented quarterly