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St. Mary’s invests in improved community health

December 18, 2012

St. Mary’s Mission is to improve the health status of the community. Since the first hospital was built in 1896, St. Mary’s has been investing in and improving the local healthcare infrastructure. “Our goal is to provide advanced services locally so patients and their families do not have to drive to Denver or Salt Lake City,” says Dan Prinster, vice president of Business Development.

In 2012 St. Mary’s invested more than $19 million in improved healthcare services and technologies, including equipment for interventional radiology and cardiology services, a new linear accelerator for delivering highly accurate radiation therapy to treat cancer, and an updated robotic surgical system. St. Mary’s also replaced and updated equipment staff uses every day to care for patients. The hospital replaced the PET/CT scanner in its outpatient imaging area, giving physicians the most up-to-date imaging for detecting cancer at the cellular level. “And we purchased state-of-the-art IV pumps that monitor dosage and frequency more accurately than some older models,” Prinster says.

“Reinvesting in the local healthcare economy puts powerful and effective tools in the hands of your physician and our clinical staff,” Prinster says, “and allows patients to get treatment close to home and family.”