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Neurology Clinic means subspecialty care close to home

July 03, 2014
Some sources say the human body has a hundred billion nerve cells; others say seven trillion. Anyway you count them, their numbers explain why we and the field of neurology are so complex, diverse, and specialized. The physicians of St. Mary’s Neurology Clinic provide both general and highly specialized neurology care.

As the area’s only stroke-trained neurologist, Logan McDaneld, MD, emphasizes the importance of seeking care immediately if you suspect a stroke. Medications can greatly improve recovery from some strokes. Some patients may benefit from a clot removing surgery, but diagnosis and treatment have to happen quickly. 

Seth Kareus, MD, the region’s only fellowship-trained movement disorders neurologist, works with patients with Parkinson’s disease, tremor, dystonia, and other “movement” disorders. Kareus and a St. Mary’s neurosurgeon offer sympton relief to Parkinson’s patients with with deep brain stimulation surgery and symptom management. 

“Our clinic provides the highest level of care for neurological disorders right here, sparing patients and their families the inconvenience and expense of traveling to Denver for care,” adds practice manager Jamie Serrano.

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