Blood Donor Center


St. Mary's Regional Blood Center

Blood from St. Mary's Regional Blood Center helps people across western Colorado and eastern Utah. In addition to serving St. Mary's trauma, surgical, and cancer patients, the Center provides the blood needed at most of the region's smaller hospitals. Our recipients come from all over western Colorado and eastern Utah. So do our donors!

Blood is always needed

People think of donating when there's an accident or emergency, but all communities need blood donors all the time. That's because volunteer donors are Americans' only source of blood. And blood doesn't last forever - only five to six weeks. So we need a constant supply to be sure we're ready when you or your child or your neighbor needs it. Unfortunately, only five percent of Americans who could give blood, do give blood.

One blood donation can help as many as four people. It's safe. It's fast. It's the easiest way we know to actually save a life.