Pint for a Pint

In August donors at St. Mary’s Regional Blood Center can pick from five delicious flavors of ice cream and take one home. The special Pint for a Pint event is both reward and encouragement for blood donors during a month when donations are typically lower than average. 

“With vacations and the great outdoors beckoning, fewer people donate blood in the summer, but the need for blood by premature babies, heart and cancer patients, and accident victims never slows down,” says Sherri Burns, donor recruiter at St. Mary’s Regional Blood Center.

Blood donations at St. Mary’s supply most of the hospitals in western Colorado. “Volunteer donors are the only source of blood in the U.S. It takes less than an hour, but one donation can save the lives of three patients,” Burns says. And in August, it gets you a pint of one of the great joys of summer: ice cream! 

The ice cream, provided by City Market, is available for blood donations made only at the Regional Blood Center.  Donors on blood mobiles will enjoy the customary refreshments and the appreciation of the patients they are helping.   

St. Mary's Regional Blood Center
Advanced Medicine Pavilion
750 Wellington Avenue 
Entrance 22, Second Floor

Donation hours:
Monday – Friday, 7:00 am - 5:30 pm 
Saturday, 7:00 am - Noon