Brain & Spine Center

Our neurosurgeons also provide round-the-clock emergency services as part of our trauma team. St. Mary's is designated as a Level II Trauma Center by the College of Surgeons, handling more complex emergency and trauma situations than any other hospital between Denver and Salt Lake City. content_Neuroscience thumbnail

St. Mary's Center for Brain & Spine Surgery is taking new patients and welcomes referrals from physicians across western Colorado and eastern Utah.

Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery with O-arm®

St. Mary’s neurosurgeons have access to the O-arm Imaging System, advanced imaging technology that enables them to perform more spinal procedures using minimally invasive surgical techniques. Minimally invasive surgery is performed through tiny incisions and requires high-quality images of the surgical site. The O-arm system builds a three-dimensional image of the surgical site from numerous pictures it takes as it rotates around the patient. With O-arm technology, more St. Mary’s patients have less invasive surgeries, shorter recover times, and improved outcomes.