Annual Cancer Reports

The Commission on Cancer of the American College of Surgeons certified St. Mary's Hospital Regional Cancer Center as a Community Hospital Comprehensive Cancer Program for the period 2010-2013. This approval recognizes the high standard of care provided to oncology patients and the commitment of the physicians, staff, administration, and the Cancer Registry to providing such care.

As a Comprehensive Cancer Program, St. Mary's Hospital Regional Cancer Center is dedicated to publishing an annual report containing:

  • Summary of cancer incidence by primary site and gender
  • Number of cancer cases referred to St. Mary's Hospital by  regional counties
  • Review of the four major cancer sites including incidence, age at diagnosis, and stage.

This data is compared to Colorado State Registry statistics.

This report is shared as a method of informing the medical staff and community regarding trends in cancer incidence specific to our community.

Annual Cancer Report - 2005 (3 MB, pdf)
Annual Cancer Report - 2006
Annual Cancer Report - 2007
Annual Cancer Report - 2008
Annual Cancer Report - 2009
Annual Cancer Report - 2010
Annual Cancer Report - 2011
Annual Cancer Report - 2012
Annual Cancer Report - 2013