Cancer Registry

A cancer registry is a system for the collection, management, and analysis of data about cancer patients. St. Mary’s Cancer Registry contains information on cancers diagnosed or treated at the. Mary’s Regional Cancer Center since 1980 and is used to support the development of the cancer program, quality improvement initiatives, outcomes analysis and cancer research.

The Cancer Registry’s work helps maintain St. Mary’s accreditation as a Comprehensive Community Cancer Program (CCCP) by the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer (ACoS CoC). St. Mary’s Regional Cancer Center Cancer Program is accredited with commendation through 2013.

Data collected includes patient demographics, specific information about the cancer such as the stage of disease at diagnosis, treatment provides, annual follow-up, vital status, and more. In addition to the information required by the ACoS CoC, the Cancer Registry also collects supplemental prognostic and predictive factors for the Colorado Central Cancer Registry. The integrity of the data collected is closely monitored through quality control measures while strict confidentiality is maintained to protect patient privacy.

How is the data used?
Cancer registry data is used to measure compliance with evidence-based clinical practice guidelines endorsed by the ACoS CoC through quality improvement studies. In the research arena, Cancer Registry data is used to support clinical cancer research within the St. Mary’s Regional Cancer Center. Cancer registry data is also provided to support cancer control research which focuses on ways to prevent cancer, decrease cancer mortality and improve quality of life for patients with cancer.