Medical Oncology

Medical oncology is the treatment of cancer with chemotherapy - intravenous chemicals or pills that interfere with the growth of cancer cells. Six full-time, board-certified medical oncologists/ hematologists, assisted by a certified physician assistant, evaluate patients, direct chemotherapy treatment plans, transfusion therapy, and other cancer-related care.

Outpatient medical oncology services are provided in St. Mary's Advanced Medicine Pavilion, opened in 2003. Patients told us their surroundings during treatment were very important to maintaining a positive, healing attitude. The well-designed clinic provides a comfortable environment and a choice of settings for receiving treatment. Twenty specially designed therapy chairs are equipped with televisions, Internet connections, temperature control, and massage. If medically approved, patients can even receive treatment outdoors on a specially designed patio.

A complete range of diagnostic services, surgery, chemotherapy, radiation services, and nursing services are also available in the 35-bed inpatient medical unit.

Both areas are guided by the philosophy of respect for the dignity of each patient, allowing patients and family members to participate in decision making, honoring treatment choices, and offering supportive care.

Specialized Staff

Our medical oncology nurses are devoted to delivering individualized physical and emotional care. Nurses work consistently with one physician, ensuring optimal continuity of care. Clinical triage nurses provide efficient response to patients' phone calls and a nurse case manager is available for coordination of care. An oncology clinical nurse educator serves as a resource for nursing staff, patients, family, and the community. All medical oncology nurses are chemotherapy certified.

Pharmacists specializing in chemotherapy preparation staff our oncology pharmacy.

A full-time masters-prepared social worker is available to assist patients with financial and social issues.