Cardiac Unit

The 38-bed Cardiac Unit at St. Mary's Hospital serves inpatient cardiac catheterization and intervention patients awaiting surgery or other cardiovascular intervention, and patients recovering from heart surgery who no longer need the critical care environment. Patients receive continuous cardiac monitoring, and specialized care. Nurses view patient heart activity through a centralized computer system.

While at the Cardiac Unit, patients work toward successful recovery with their team of healthcare professionals. A dietician reviews the patient's diet and eating habits and discusses healthy food selection and preparation. An occupational therapist discusses changes that may be needed at home and work during the patient's recovery. A home care nurse explains in-home services available. A cardiac rehabilitation therapist counsels the patient on activity and exercise to strengthen the heart and increase cardiovascular efficiency, including courses and services available at St. Mary's Life Center.

After a heart attack or heart surgery, patients are often apprehensive about leaving the security of the hospital. The comprehensive Cardiac Unit services give patients the confidence they need to continue their recovery at home.