Hospitalists are doctors whose specialty is the medical care of hospitalized patients. St. Mary’s hospitalists serve as general physician for patients who have no local primary physician or whose primary care physician has arranged for St. Mary’s Hospitalist program to coordinate in-hospital care for his or her patients.

Hospitalists following the patient’s progress each day of their stay, monitoring and coordinating all in-hospital care such as tests, procedures, and therapy, and communicating with other specialist physicians also caring for the patient.

Having in-patient care overseen by a hospitalist has several benefits:

  • When you or your family has a question about your care, a hospitalist is always on duty. In the past you may have had to wait until your doctor was in the hospital making rounds to get answers.
  • When a decision about your treatment is needed, a hospitalist is onsite. The nursing staff will not have to spend precious time locating your doctor for a medical decision.
  • If you have no regular doctor or your doctor is too far away to oversee your hospital care, hospitalists act as your in-patient general physician, ensuring you receive all appropriate health care services.
  • Because they work only in the hospital, hospitalists have all the key contacts, such as surgical consultants, nursing supervisors, discharge planners, clergy, therapists, etc., to make your stay progress smoothly and efficiently.