Cardiac and Pulmonary Supervised Exercise

St. Mary’s Life Center cardiac and pulmonary monitored exercise classes are the next step after Phase II outpatient classes for those recovering from cardiac events or procedures and or pulmonary disease.  This program is also appropriate for those with high risk factors. The classes provide monitoring for safety and efficiency during exercise with a goal of increasing or maintaining a participant’s level of independence for managing their health and wellness. 

Classes are monitored by exercise physiologists and certified athletic trainers. Prior to class participants resting blood pressure, heart rate, and oxygen saturation are assessed for base-line safety.  Each class begins with a low-impact aerobic warm-up, followed by four 10-minute cardio stations with the option of doing free weight strength training for one of the four stations. Blood pressure, heart rate, and oxygen saturation are checked during class to monitor for appropriate and safe response to exercise levels.  Classes end with stretching and relaxation for a total time of just over an hour. Supplemental oxygen is provided for pulmonary conditions and post exercise blood sugars are assessed for diabetics. 

Classes are held daily. Please call the Life Center at 970-298-6130 for more information.

Note: In case of an event, all associates are certified in Basic Life Support but participants should not come to exercise if they are symptomatic and are encouraged to seek medical care.