Occupational Health

The Occupational Health Center at St. Mary's Life Center keeps employees healthy and on the job and helps employers reduce costs associated with injured workers by promoting health, wellness, and accident prevention.

Under the direction of a board-certified occupational medicine physician, the Center provides comprehensive work injury management, pre-employment exams, drug screening urinalysis, rehabilitation services, medical laboratory services, medical diagnosis, urgent care, and treatment of acute conditions.

Preventive Services

Prevention is the foundation of the Occupational Health Center. We help identify and solve problems before they lead to worker injury or illness, including:

  • Ergonomic analysis of the workplace teaches employees strategies for injury prevention and management of symptoms.
  • Hazardous exposure prevention and medical surveillance monitoring help keep employees working safely.
  • OSHA compliance consultation assures you meet regulatory requirements.
  • Safety assessments help identify and correct potential problems.
  • Injury prevention training gives workers the knowledge to do their jobs with greater safety and awareness.

Pre-placement & Annual Physicals

Many jobs require medical evaluation and periodic surveillance to promote safe working conditions and meet industry and hiring standards and regulatory requirements.

Specialized physical exams for most work situations are available including:

  • Audiometric testing
  • DOT physicals
  • Drug and alcohol screening
  • Fitness for duty exams
  • Functional capacity testing
  • HAZWOPER physicals
  • Immunizations
  • Job restructuring assessments
  • Lab, x-ray and EKG
  • Medical respirator exams
  • Vision testing (acuity and color vision)

Workers' Compensation Services

As the designated occupational medicine provider for more than 2,000 companies in western Colorado, St. Mary's occupational health team helps ensure workers' compensation costs stay under control while employees get the quality care they need and deserve. Experienced occupational medicine physicians make sure injured workers receive appropriate care consistent with the Colorado Division of Workers' Compensation Medical Treatment Guidelines. St. Mary's Occupational Health works with employee and employer to provide personalized medical guidance.

Medical Case Management:

  • Occupational physicians and nurses closely manage complex cases to coordinate care and control costs.
  • We emphasize appropriately timed and planned return to work to promote faster recovery and reduce indemnity costs.
  • The managing physician monitors specialist referrals and care to integrate services.
  • Open communication with insurance carriers assists in smooth delivery of services.
  • Injured workers are educated about their condition and responsibilities to enlist their commitment to recovery and return to work.