Breast Patient Navigator Program

Navigators guide breast cancer patients from diagnosis through treatment

When a woman learns she has breast cancer, she has questions. What happens next? Will I need surgery? Radiation therapy? Chemotherapy? Will I be able to take care of my family during treatment? What about my job?

Treatment can be a lengthy process. That’s why St. Mary’s created the Breast Patient Navigator Program for our breast cancer patients. An experienced, compassionate mammography technologist, certified by the National Consortium of Breast Centers as a Breast Patient Navigator in Imaging and Oncology, personally guides patients from the time a possible abnormality is discov­ered on a mammogram through treatment. She coordinates appointments, answers questions, and advocates for the patient.

Breast Patient Navigators know the process of diagnosis and treatment and the resources available at St. Mary’s and in neighboring communities  They connect women with programs that help them maintain or rebuild strength, assist emotionally, and sometimes financially, giving  each patient as much or as little guidance as she wants.