Orthopedic Services

St. Mary's experienced surgeons, staff, nurses, and other orthopedic care professionals take care of our orthopedic patients in the new orthopedic and spine unit on the eighth floor of the Century Project.

These orthopedic professionals deal with all bones, muscles, and tendons. Whether it's a broken leg, carpal tunnel problems, a torn ligament, or spine damage from osteoporosis, St. Mary's goal is to get people moving again through an integrated course of treatment that may include surgery, non-surgical procedures, and physical therapy.

Orthopedic specialists at St. Mary's use the latest surgical techniques and less invasive arthroscopic and interventional radiology procedures to repair damage, reconstruct, and relieve pain.

Total joint replacement procedures start with classes to help the patient understand the entire process of preparation, surgery, and recovery.

St. Mary's Sports Medicine staff helps athletes heal after injuries, but the program also includes training in nutrition, conditioning to avoid injury, and access to our fitness facility.