How do I get more information about Saccomanno Research Institute's Biorepository?
You can contact the repository by email at SRIrepository@stmarygj.org.


How do I make a donation to Saccomanno Research Institute?
You can make a donation by following the link "How to donate" on the right of this page, by calling St. Mary's Foundation at (970) 298-1954, or email smhfoundation@stmarygj.org.


Where can I get copies of my medical records or working level months?
Your medical records for care received at the RESEP clinic are available from St. Mary's Hospital. Please contact:

St. Mary's Health Records Department
(970) 298-2107
Toll-free 1-800-458-3888 

Your medical records from Dr. Saccomanno's sputum study and working level months are available at Saccomanno Research Institute. If you need copies of your records, please contact:

Saccomanno Research Institute
(970) 298-2887
Toll-free (877) 619-2307


Is there a RESEP clinic in Colorado and how do I contact them?
The nearest RESEP clinic is at National Jewish Health in Denver, Colorado. You can get more information at www.nationaljewish.org or contact them by phone at:

(303) 270-2609
Toll-free (877) 255-5864