Lung Cancer Detection in Patients with Airflow Obstruction

Working with Western Colorado Lung Center in Grand Junction, this prospective study describes a community-based lung cancer identification project focused on high-risk patients who received general care in a primary care outpatient practice. There were 430 patients at high risk of lung cancer who participated. Of these, 126 were found to have spirometric abnormalities. Those with airflow obstruction were offered chest posteroanterio radiographs, thoracic CT scans, and sputum cytology. Eighty-eight patients underwent all tests. Six cancers were found in the screened group, and all were treated. Two more cancers were found in the non-screened patients with airflow obstruction. Both were treated by surgical resection or radiation therapy. Due to their involvement in this study and the early detection of lung cancer, these subjects' medical costs were relatively lower.

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