Stroke Support Group

You and your loved ones are invited to join us at St. Mary’s Stroke Support Group for stroke recovery education, relaxation, therapies, and discussions. This support group is a free service of St. Mary’s

Meetings are the third Friday of each month from 1:00 to 2:30 p.m. In the family room on the 12th floor of St. Mary's Medical Center.

For more information, stroke recovery questions, and resources call Kelly Arnold, RN, at 970-298-1929. If you would like to be added to an email notification list, email and include your name and request for stroke group information. Visit our Stroke Care page for more information.

2016 Support Group schedule

Download the 2016 Schedule

January 15th

Musical Dulcimer and Lap Harp presentation, by Betty Rosenwald

February 19th

Techniques to Improve Memory After Stroke, Erin Laarman SLP

March 18th

Ask a Pharmacist About your Stroke Prevention Medications, by SMH Pharmacist

April 15th

Coping Strategies During Stroke Recovery - Dr. John Gustavson, Phd, Community Counselor

May 20th

Preventing a Second Stroke and Recurrent Stroke Symptom Flare-ups, by Dr. Logan McDaneld, SMH Neurologist

June 17th

Picnic in Sherwood Park

July 15th

Improving Dexterity after Stroke - Mike Anders, St. Mary's Hospital Occupational Therapist

August 19th

Hobbies presentation by survivors and caregivers

September 16th

Aphasia and Communication Strategies after Stroke-SMH Speech Therapist

October 21st

Relaxation and Meditation- Mary Ellen Ireland

November 18th

Short Story Reading by Linda Kamby