da Vinci Surgical System

Robotic surgical technology has been used at St. Mary’s since 2007. Robotic surgical systems allow surgeons to perform procedures with smaller incisions, less blood loss, shorter hospital stays, and faster healing times. Using this amazing tool, the surgeon sits at a video console directing the actions of robotic arms. The technology replicates the surgeon’s movements while providing a high-resolution and enhanced 3-D image of the surgical area.

Now a new version of the robotic da Vinci® Surgical System gives St. Mary’s surgeons enhanced images, greater agility, and the opportunity to perform surgeries previously not done with the robotic tool.

St. Mary’s new robotic system includes a special imaging technology helpful in cancer surgery. The imaging technology, called Firefly, distinguishes between normal tissue and cancer tissue allowing surgeons to identify and remove cancer cells with great precision. St. Mary’s new da Vinci is the only robotic surgery system in western Colorado equipped with Firefly technology.

Robotic surgical systems are being used for urological procedures, some heart surgeries, gynecologic surgery, and have the potential for use in all kinds of minimally invasive surgery. The latest generation da Vinci allows St. Mary’s to expand robotic-assisted services to other surgery, such as colorectal and throat cancers. And it ensures surgeons have the tools and methods available to result in the shortest, safest surgery and fastest recovery for each patient.