Therapy and Rehabilitation Services

An illness or accident can leave patients physically restricted. Often patients suffer from pain, lack of strength, and decreased range of motion. But life doesn't have to stop. With the help of the therapists at St. Mary's, patients can return to a more normal, active lifestyle. Exercise and education are an integral part of the comprehensive program that includes an individualized treatment plan designed by the patient, physician, and family members.

St. Mary's inpatient Rehabilitation program is staffed by physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech pathologists, nurses and therapeutic recreation specialists. Social and psychological services are also offered while a patient is in our care. 

  Man Parallel bars rehab

Following an injury or illness, the individual patient needs are evaluated and a treatment plan is established. The team of therapists works closely with physicians and nurses, optimizing the patient's treatment and recovery. The program has full access to whirlpools and gym equipment. Patients are seen seven days a week and family participation is welcome. The goal is to maximize independence in all aspects of daily life.  Community outings help patients make the transition back into their normal routines.

Once the patient leaves the hospital, rehabilitation often continues at St. Mary's Life Center. Therapists and patients have access to the facilities and equipment of the Wellness Center, a comprehensive fitness and health club. The Wellness Center features a medically supervised warm water therapy pool where therapists help patients increase their strength, flexibility, and range of motion.