Adult Therapies

Occupational Therapy

St. Mary's Life Center Occupational Therapy offers evaluation and treatment of out-patients with neurological impairment, upper extremity dysfunction, or physical disease process affecting the ability to perform daily living skills. Occupational therapists provide compensatory strategies and recommend adaptive equipment and home modifications when necessary for patients to safely regain independence.

Occupational Therapy services include:

  • Return-to-work evaluations
  • Assessments of workplace ergonomics
  • Hand rehabilitation
  • Driving evaluations
  • Cancer rehabilitation exercise programs
  • Lymphedema evaluation and treatment


Physical Therapy

Using the latest in physical therapy equipment, including treadmills, exercise bikes, and upper body bikes, the physical rehabilitation program is designed to improve the patient's balance, coordination, strength, and range of motion. Patients find pain relief and regained independence.

A broad range of medical ailments can be treated, including:

  • orthopedic problems such as shoulder, knee and hand injuries
  • joint replacement
  • back and neck pain
  • arthritis
  • stroke and other neurological conditions
  • wounds and amputation, and
  • work-related injuries


Speech Therapy

The speech language pathology team at St. Mary's Life Center evaluates and provides treatment to adults with speech, language, fluency, voice, oral motor, and swallowing difficulties associated with illness, injury, and developmental impairments.