Before Your Baby Arrives - Registration & Classes

Pregnancy Pathways Pre-Registration

As the time approaches for your baby's arrival, you'll want to start planning for your hospital stay. Your doctor or midwife can give you information about St. Mary's Pregnancy Pathways Pre-registration program. Or you can call 970-298-BABY or 970-298-2229 to learn more and to make your appointment. We suggest you complete this pre-registration process one or two months before your baby is due.

Click here to download the Women's Health and Childbirth Services Class Schedule 2014.

During a one-hour visit with one of our nurses, you will:

  • Fill out pre-admission paperwork and prenatal history
  • Ask questions about your hospital stay
  • Learn about our prenatal education classes
  • Get information about caring for your baby
  • Learn about important immunizations
  • Tour Labor & Delivery and the Mother-Baby Unit


Fetal Monitoring and Prenatal Testing Services

St. Mary's Labor & Delivery provides fetal monitoring and prenatal testing as outpatient services. Your doctor or midwife may refer you for these services or make an appointment for you.


High-Risk OB Clinic

If for any reason your doctor or midwife considers your pregnancy "high risk," you may be referred to our High-Risk OB clinic. There you will meet with a board-certified perinatologist, a specialist in pregnancy and childbirth, and discuss your specific situation. These visits may include genetic counseling, a detailed ultrasound, or special procedures, such as an amniocentesis. You'll learn how to avoid complications and protect your baby. For more information, please call 970-298-2275.


Classes to Help You Prepare for Your Baby

St. Mary's offers a variety of classes to help you prepare for and take care of your baby. Classes are taught by certified childbirth educators from the Mesa County Childbirth Education Association. Classes are free unless otherwise noted.

Moms and partners learn skills and techniques for starting and continuing breastfeeding. This two-hour class is scheduled once a month.  Attend any class during your pregnancy or after your baby is born. If you are enrolled in a six-week Childbirth Series or a Young Adult Class you do not need to take this class. This is a free class.

Birth Refresher Series
This refresher class is for women and their partners who have had a baby within the last five years. The class reviews the stages of labor, timing contractions, and breathing and relaxation skills. Ideas on how to best bring the new baby into your family are also discussed. This two-night class is offered every other month. The cost of this class is $20.

Cesarean Section
If you know you are having a cesarean section delivery this is the class for you and the person who will accompany you to the delivery. Come and ask questions as well as learn about the Cesarean birth process. Note: The Childbirth Express Class, the six-week Childbirth Series and the Young Adult Class include Cesarean Section information. Please call 298-2229 to set up an appointment. There is no charge for this class.

Childbirth Express
In this one-day, seven-hour class, expectant moms and their partners learn about changes in anatomy and physiology during pregnancy and birth, the birth process, using breathing and relaxation as coping tools, and the role of the support person. We recommend moms also enroll in the breastfeeding class at no charge. This class is scheduled two Saturdays a month. The cost of this class is $65.

Childbirth Series
This comprehensive childbirth preparation series meets once a week for six weeks. This class is for expectant moms and their partners and covers the anatomy and physiology of pregnancy, the birth process, birth planning, the role of the support person, Cesarean births, breastfeeding and postpartum care. You’ll learn and practice breathing and relaxation techniques. Register at the end of your first trimester for this popular series and plan to attend when you are approximately 30 weeks pregnant. The class fee is $50.

Sibling Preparation Class
Children ages four to eight years old will benefit from this 1.5 hour Saturday class about new babies. Hands-on learning as well as videos, books, snacks and a hospital tour can help big brothers and sisters get prepared for the changes the new baby will make in the family. Kids have lots of fun and receive a t-shirt and coloring book. The cost of this class is is $15 for one child and $10 for each additional child.

Young Adult Class
This class is designed especially for young moms through age 20. Expectant moms and their support people learn about nutrition, labor and delivery, breathing and relaxation techniques, Cesarean birth, and how to care for self and newborn. We also include breastfeeding class for moms while dads attend Training Camp for Dads. Young Adult Class meets four consecutive Tuesday evenings. No class on holidays. This is a free class.

To help you and your family prepare for your new baby, see the complete list of St. Mary's classes, convenient schedules, and register online.