Before Your Baby Arrives - Registration & Classes

Pregnancy Pathways Pre-Registration

As the time approaches for your baby's arrival, you'll want to start planning for your hospital stay. Your doctor or midwife can give you information about St. Mary's Pregnancy Pathways Pre-registration program. Or you can call 970-298-BABY or 970-298-2229 to learn more and to make your appointment. We suggest you complete this pre-registration process one or two months before your baby is due.

Click here to download the Women's Health and Childbirth Services Class Schedule 2016.

During a one-hour visit with one of our nurses, you will:

  • Fill out pre-admission paperwork and prenatal history
  • Ask questions about your hospital stay
  • Learn about our prenatal education classes
  • Get information about caring for your baby
  • Learn about important immunizations
  • Tour Labor & Delivery and the Mother-Baby Unit

Fetal Monitoring and Prenatal Testing Services

St. Mary's Labor & Delivery provides fetal monitoring and prenatal testing as outpatient services. Your doctor or midwife may refer you for these services or make an appointment for you.

High-Risk OB Clinic

If for any reason your doctor or midwife considers your pregnancy "high risk," you may be referred to our High-Risk OB clinic. There you will meet with a board-certified perinatologist, a specialist in pregnancy and childbirth, and discuss your specific situation. These visits may include genetic counseling, a detailed ultrasound, or special procedures, such as an amniocentesis. You'll learn how to avoid complications and protect your baby. For more information, please call 970-298-2275.

Classes to Help You Prepare for Your Baby

St. Mary's offers a variety of classes to help you prepare for and take care of your baby. Classes are taught by certified childbirth educators from the Mesa County Childbirth Education Association. Classes are free unless otherwise noted.

Understanding Birth

Let our certified childbirth instructors teach you about the anatomy and physiology of pregnancy, its common discomforts, signs of labor and the birth process, birthing options, the role of your support person, breastfeeding, medication/intervention options used in labor, newborn procedures, and how to care for yourself after your baby is born. You will also learn breathing and relaxation techniques that will help you with your labor. Special guest speakers may include physicians, midwives, and pediatricians. This comprehensive, six-session class will give you the tools you need to start your labor with confidence.

Plan to attend this class when you have reached 30 weeks of pregnancy. You will also tour Labor & Delivery and OB/GYN units. The $50.00 fee includes your support person and a book to take home. This class includes the night of “Pure Relaxation” for free!


Childbirth Express

This fast paced one day class reviews the anatomy and physiology of pregnancy, common discomforts, the labor and birth process, options for your birth plan,

the role of your support person, common medication options used in labor, interventions, newborn procedures, and how to care for yourself after giving birth. You will also learn breathing and relaxation techniques that will help in your labor. A tour of the Labor & Delivery and OB/GYN units will be included, as well as meal vouchers to use on your lunch break in our Columbine Café on the Main Floor.

Plan to attend this class after you have reached 30 weeks of pregnancy. The $65 fee covers your support person and a textbook. We also encourage you to register for the Breastfeeding 101 class offered monthly, free of charge.


Breastfeeding 101 Class

Breastfeeding success starts with “Breastfeeding, The gift of Nature,” a two hour class where mom and partner learn the steps and techniques to get off to a great start, and maintain long-term breastfeeding. If you are currently registered for “Understanding Birth,” you do not need to register for this breastfeeding class separately.


Young Adult Class

This four-part class is for expectant mothers 18 years of age and younger and support person. It is tailored to the unique needs of pregnant young adults. Topics include signs and stages of labor, the birth process, labor coping techniques, hospital procedures, medications used, cesarean birth, how to breastfeed your newborn, routine newborn procedures and post postpartum care.


Birth Refresher

This class is a great refresher for women and their partners who have had a baby within the last five years and just want to brush up on their labor/birth skills. We review the stages of labor and timing contractions, and give moms and partners a chance to practice breathing techniques. A review of common medications/ interventions is also available. Fee for Refresher is $20.


Sibling Preparation Class

Your children ages four to eight will learn about becoming a big brother or sister, including how to hold and diaper a baby. A hospital tour helps big brothers and sisters prepare for the changes a new baby will make in the family. Kids have lots of fun and receive a t-shirt and Sibling Scrapbook. This class fills fast, so register early. Fee for Sibling Preparation class ONLY is $20 for first child and$10 for each additional child.

** Register for the Birth Refresher/Sibling Preparation combo and receive $5 off the class.