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Childbirth Express

In this class we will review the  anatomy and physiology of pregnancy, common discomforts, the labor and birth process, options you have when making informed choices when it comes to  your  birth plan, the role of your support person ,common medication options used in labor, interventions, newborn procedures and how to care for yourself post-partum.  You will also learn breathing and relaxation techniques that will help in your labor. 

Plan to attend this class after you have reached 30 weeks of pregnancy. 

The $65.00 fee includes your textbook and support person.

We also encourage you to register for the FREE Breastfeeding class.


Women's Health and Childbirth Services
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Class Reviews:

So glad that they offer a one day class for parents that live a little far away!

 Instructor did a great job presenting the information in a less scary way, my partner and I learned alot!

 We feel alot more prepared after todays class!